Life Thoughts

Be the Sunshine, Be Kind

It really is amazing to think about how the weather can play such a vital role in our daily lives. If we arise to see the sun, the warmth of the rays of sunshine can instantly set our mood and if it’s raining it can make us feel a little dreary and a tad bit gloomy as we set foot out the door to go about our day. The weather can be a lot like people and in some ways, we can choose to find some sunshine around us or be burdened with storms that move in along the way. Like the weather, if we allow them to, other people can play a large role in how we see ourselves and how we react in dealing with others.

Judgement and criticism are some of the clouds that can follow us and make us inferior to the world around us and second guess our own intentions. While constructive criticism can be helpful, the wrong kind of criticism can lead to self-doubt and blame. When we are judged unfairly it can really  break our confidence and cause great distress. Judgement, when done negatively can be like a rain cloud on a stormy day. Every time  you don’t have your umbrella, it sneaks up on you, drenching you with despair  and weakness.

Life can be hard and how we treat each other and how we react when around each is so important. While life is not meant to be sugar coated and there are times when we need to face the facts and the truth, how we talk to each other, what tone we use and how we view each other is extremely important in our social and professional mingling. Think about yourself, would you rather we a ray of sunshine or a cloud on a stormy day?

While a small dose of reality never hurts anyone, just like a little rain helps a plant grow, it’s the sun that must come out to pull the plant upward and humans can react the same way when they are given the gift of hope through the kindness of another, they, just like a plant can flourish and grow. I recently listened to a story shared by one of my high school classmates regarding concern for human kindness and compassion as she was entering a store and found an elderly man sitting on a bench in the hot summer sun, who was disoriented and confused. When she approached  a store clerk for help, she was shunned for wanting to help the man because he was known to be a drunk man who apparently had no hope. This clerk judged the man and rather than getting him help and to safety, my classmate shared her disgust on how this man could have been left there to die. She was concerned and questions if this is how ugly the world has become.

I am sure at some time in our lives we have all been guilty of judgement and criticism, and some of us may have felt sorry for the man, but how many of us would have stepped in to help without understanding his story. Many of us may have walked away, not understanding alcoholism is a disease. This male had evidently lost the will to fight for a healthier life, and that clerk was contributing to the ugly world rather than giving hope for a brighter tomorrow. Something to think about. There are others who give hope, radiate good vibes and do good by people, without understanding their story. It gives us a lot to think about in how we treat others, how we let others treat us and how we move forward each day.  Each of us has an obligation to make a difference, for ourselves, for others and for the world around us. It all just starts with one action a day. 

Be kind, be thoughtful and plant a Thoughtful Seed today!

To reprint for publication, please contact Krista by emailing Written by Krista J. Sobieski