Celebrating 100 years young

On Saturday, April 19, 1924 a baby girl, Barbara was born to Bridget and Isadore Bednarek. She grew up on a family farm, south of Berlin in Central Wisconsin and later married Frank Kurczek and now will celebrate becoming Berlin’s latest centenarian as she turns 100 years old today. Today Barbara Kurczek is celebrating her […]

Why Authenticity Matters: Especially in Life and Leadership

Thinking about authenticity, it is important to remember why it matters and what is important. As a person you should remain true to values in the face of external pressures and expectations, and still be able to think and behave a certain way. When you come from an authentic place, it is less likely you […]

Kindness Matters & We Can Do Better

Being kind does not have to be difficult and even though being kind can be misunderstood as a weakness the reality is that true kindness is a powerful and noble trait that can have a powerful impact on both the giver and the recipient. We can be kind in everyday life and once one can […]

The Gift of Celebrating National Ag Day

Today is National Ag Day, a day that recognizes the vital contributions of agriculture that add to the quality of life. Today and always, I feel that it is important to share the personal stories of farmers and their dedication to their land and livelihoods. It is very important to take the opportunity to celebrate […]

It’s Just A Sunday Cake

Last Sunday was a quiet day in our household and a day of rare occasion, that we had no specific place to be. For once we could enjoy it without the busy that we are so often caught up in. We decided it would be a great day to spend some time with family, share [...]

Follow Along, Planting Seeds of Inspiration and Hope

As long as I can remember, I have been captivated by written words and the value in capturing the feeling or essence of an emotion through writing. To me there is something behind reading or hearing something that is well written. Something as simple as a short poem, to a movie script, good book, or […]

Welcome to my Blog…

The stories in our lives capture the moments and memories that help shape us, inspire us and form us. Everyone has a story and everyone has a story to be told. Some stories are funny, some are sad, some are inspiring and some stories are unbelievable. Regardless if we realize it, our own stories and […]

The Moments Matter

      Having a high school student who is currently a senior in the Class of 2021 during the pandemic, there has been a lot of discussion from students, teachers, parents and administrations regarding the argument of schools and if they should be having in-person classes or learning from home and if they are […]

Be the Sunshine, Be Kind

It really is amazing to think about how the weather can play such a vital role in our daily lives. If we arise to see the sun, the warmth of the rays of sunshine can instantly set our mood and if it’s raining it can make us feel a little dreary and a tad bit […]