Life Thoughts

Welcome to my Blog…

The stories in our lives capture the moments and memories that help shape us, inspire us and form us. Everyone has a story and everyone has a story to be told. Some stories are funny, some are sad, some are inspiring and some stories are unbelievable. Regardless if we realize it, our own stories and those of others impact our lives.


I have a story and although you may not know it all, I hope the parts I have shared and will continue to share have or will inspire someone else, have or will help someone else or maybe even make them laugh and at times even force them to look at life and the space around them differently.


Stories are meant to be told and there is nothing better than a good story. A book, an article or even a simple blog post can share a story and even if it has taken me some time to figure out exactly how I want to use the Thoughtful Seed Project, yet all along, my vision has been there, it was just clouded by my own insecurities of sharing and fear of judgment. Trust me though, once you hit a certain time in life, you will start to let that go and just live. It’s a work in progress and I am learning that and sharing this is the first step in moving forward!


It’s simple. Sharing my personal stories and sharing those of others does matter and it’s the stories of ordinary and extraordinary people, places and things that make us think, make us laugh and make us cry. Stories can change lives and can give hope, stories can make us see the sun on a cloudy day and make us feel deep in our soul and even ignite a spark to start a fire that burns deep inside of us to live fully content. Stories impact us all in different ways. 


Welcome to the Thoughtful Seed Project, my blog, my project and find this invitation to follow along. They will be the stories that make up my life, the stories of my favorite people, the stories of my favorite places and businesses and the ideas and thoughts that fill my mind. Follow this blog as I use my gift of writing to capture and share the stories all around us. 


What’s my hope? My hope is to use the Thoughtful Seed Project to bring more positive vibes to this life. For me this is the first step in planting my own seed, with the dream of one day becoming a published author. A great writing mentor once told me that the only way you become a good writer, logically, is to take the first step and in her words she would say, “just write and write a little everyday!”While I can’t promise I will post everyday, to be realistic, I can write everyday, and I can make a commitment to share stories that inspire, thoughts that provoke and little tidbits of everything in this world that amazes me and make a conscience  effort to continually plant Thoughtful Seeds in all who join this journey and read along as I write! Let’s go…there’s a lot to be shared!